Sunday, February 3, 2013

What does a raw food restaurant do with a pizza oven?

Use it for storage.

Tolerate it.

But in the end, it's gotta go!

And along with the pizza oven the floor needs to go too, and that paint on those bathroom walls!

And so it began . . . renovations at the Raw Intentions Kitchen.

The tables and chairs were all stacked with care, for all of the things in the kitchen had to be brought out there,

and yes we agree, changing those colors is so necessary!

There it is. A huge pizza oven living in the middle of a raw food restaurant. Oh yes, it has to go!

The packing and moving begins. The whole kitchen needs to be moved to the dining room.

And here is Mr. D. He is going to make these colors disappear. Don't you just love his suit!

Yes, he does work for food!

The dining room filled up fast. That's Amber, my work buddy!

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, Alexa fixes a to-go order.

This is the beast. It sure takes up so much room. This was it's last picture before the demo boys arrived.

The demo boys made a whole plastic bubble around the oven. They did an amazing job controlling the dust they created.

Ah, the new paint is appearing.

This is my first panoramic picture attempt. The dining room is FULL of the kitchen. Whoa!

The demo boys where hard at it . . .

while the bathrooms were being painted (Seb and Jessica came by to help).

And then it was gone!

 And so was the dust!

And the bathroom had a new coat of color. 

And after a nine hour day, dead tired, we were still smiling, and ready to head home!  

But this blog doesn't end here. This was just the end of day one. Now on to day two. . .

Check out this baby! A paint sprayer. Yep, you guessed it . . . an empty room, flooring that is going to be replaced on Monday, means, let's paint the walls!!

So my friend, Denise, the owner, chef, teacher, and do-it-all woman, is single handedly going to paint the entire room in one afternoon! She even looks great in her paint suit!

I know you are just getting into this do-over, 
but alas it has to end here.

But do not fear, because it is . . .
to be continued!

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