Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Food Vacation!

Think about how much time is spent on all things that relate to food. 

Shopping for food.

Putting it all away when it gets home.

Preparing it.

Eating it.

Cleaning up after eating it.

And on and on it goes.

To have three days of not having to think about what to buy, fix or eat is such a gift. And how is that going to happen??? Easy, Nourish Cafe is preparing my food for the next three days!!

I am almost more excited about the freedom from food preparation than the cleanse! On my food vacation I will spend the next three days drinking the specially prepared blended drinks from Nourish Cafe, and the best part, is my husband is also doing this with me. 

I like the quote on their website:
  • Designed to reset your system back to its natural state, flushing out toxins, and creating a clean slate from which to start building a healthier and happier YOU!
Who doesn't want that???

Here's to day one - and the tools - of the Nourish Kick-Start!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Power of Motivation

Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with a little motivation. What motivates you? Or maybe who motivates you? I found the following definition on the internet:

noun: motivation; plural noun: motivations
  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
    "escape can be a strong motivation for travel"
    synonyms:motive, motivating force, incentivestimulus, stimulation, inspiration,inducementincitementspurreason;
    "his motivation was financial"
Lately I have lacked motivation. My "get-up-and-go" went. While I still worked towards a plant based diet, I felt like I was falling off that wagon too often. I found it hard to get back on the wagon because no one seemed to be there. So what happened? I began to gain weight. Just a little here and there and then before I knew it my clothes got too tight. Out the window went my energy. I got tired and sluggish. My stress level peaked. But I wasn't doing anything about it. I simply was not motivated to even think about making changes, even though I knew I was going down the wrong path.

And then it happened. Motivation. Blood work showing my cholesterol on an upward trend. Hmmmm. All the things the books say to avoid and not eat, I wasn't eating. So at my rheumatologist's suggestion I went to see a cardiologist. He, Dr. Richard Kacere, was the who for motivation, and the cholesterol numbers were the what! Instant motivation. I am now determined to get this show on the road! I am back on the wagon in the drivers seat and it doesn't matter if anyone is on the wagon or not, as long as I am!!

The apparent cause of this problem isn't so much in the food area. It is in the lack of exercise area. Lack - ha - lack would assume a little exercise. Exercise isn't even in my vocabulary let alone my lifestyle!! Well, I am officially changing that! Yeeee Haaa the wagon is on a roll!

First stop when I left the doctors office was Nourish Cafe, (now click on that link and check out this amazing place!!) which he and his wife own. Now what are the chances of finding a plant based cardiologist who isn't pushing Crestor or Lipitor at me, but rather telling me to exercise and continue to eat a plant based diet, and owning an amazing cafe to boot! Next stop New Balance for walking shoes.

I started walking that day. I have made a commitment to myself to walk 30 minutes a day. I am so out of shape! My hips, my thighs and my shins just ache! 

Luckily I have an arsenal of Young Living Essential Oils and they have helped big time. Deep Relief Roll-On  has been my go to oil, and alternately I have layered Valor, PanAway, Peppermint and Copiaba on my sore muscles.  It makes such a big difference. It feels good and really soothes the pain. Essential oils are part of my daily routine and lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Oils please get in touch with me and I would love to share my experience with you. Or just go to my website.
I spent Labor Day in the kitchen. (Except for my walk!) It is a therapeutic thing for me. And while I wear myself out, I love it. It was a productive day. The last of my veggies were finally dehydrated and I finished making my Organic Veggie Broth Powder. I love this stuff. Local produce. Organic. Less expensive and healthier than store bought broth. To make it check out my blog from last October. This jar will yield 576 cups of veggie broth!

To decrease my lunch prep time - so I can walk on my lunch hour instead of make my salad - I made my lunches for the week. Salad in a jar. I have done this before and it is really just a brilliant idea, even if I didn't think it up myself! First I prepared all the ingredients: washed, chopped, massaged kale and made salad dressing.

And then it is just a matter of layering the ingredients in the jar and lunch is made. It stays so fresh that the last jar of the week will be as good as the first one. Visit this website to see where I got my inspiration for these grab and go lunches!

Next up - smoothie preparation. After visiting Nourish Cafe and looking at their menu filled with variety, I was inspired to change up our repetitive smoothie choices. To save on time I prepared all the fruit, bagged it up and put them in the freezer after labeling them with what needs to be added to them in the blender. 

I am feeling pretty good about having so much organized for the week ahead. Taking a few hours to do this pays off one hundred fold once the week gets rolling along. It means I will make better choices too when it comes to eating! Oh, and one more thing: almond milk. 

I so love "home made" almond milk. It was the finale of my kitchen time. It will be great in one of the smoothies I have planned for the week ahead.

Yes, I am motivated!

I feel energized.



And as a result of getting in gear,
I lost 3 pounds and found my drive!

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