Smoothie Recipe

You have clicked this tab because you want the magic green smoothie recipe.  

I am sad to tell you there isn't one. But I am happy to tell you there are an infinite number of recipes. Limitless! Everyone's tastes are different and that is why there are so many different combinations.  We all want the same result of a power packed nutritional drink - but it must taste good or the whole concept will go by the way side.

A green smoothie consists of fruit, greens, and a liquid, and sometimes seeds or powdered additives. Begin by keeping it simple and choose what taste good to you.  You will need a blender and the willingness to experiment. It is that easy! What I drink today is not even close to what I drank when I began drinking green smoothies, and that transition took place without me even realizing it happened.

So let's start. Get that blender out.

Blenders are not all the same so you will need to determine how small you will need to chop your fruits and vegetables.  I began by using a Magic Bullet and I had to almost make my pieces big bite size for them to blend to a smooth consistency. Now I use a Blendtec and can cut an apple in half and throw it in seeds and all and it is powerful enough to handle it. The size of your blender jar will determine how much you can make too, for example the Magic Bullet made maybe 12 - 16 ounces, whereas, a Blendtec can go all the way up to 64 ounces. My point here: adjust your ingredients to the size of your blender jar.

The "formula" I started out with was probably 60% fruit and 40% greens. I also liked the consistency of a thick shake. If you think the taste of the greens will bother you, start out by using banana as one of your fruits.  It will overpower the taste of the greens. The amount of liquid you use will determine how thick or thin your drink will be.

So what fruit is in a green smoothie? Any kind of fruit you want!  It was summertime when I began so berries were fresh and available.  Banana - blueberries - and strawberries were my first fruit combination. I have used countless combinations since. Pick one, or two or three fruits, or more if you want, and just put them in that blender!!!

Why Greens?
Greens are the heavy hitters of the smoothie. Leafy greens will give you more nutrients, minerals, enzymes and fiber than you can ever imagine. Our bodies love the effect of greens, so made sure to get as many as you can each day. In a smoothie the greens are broken down for you by blending, rather than chewing and being broken down in your stomach, so it immediately begins nourishing your body, rather than your body having to use it's energy digesting it. The result, you have more energy! That's the why, now here's the what.

What greens are in a smoothie??
If it's green, it's a go! The most common greens would be spinach and kale. Parsley or cilantro are a nice addition to either the spinach or kale. Just walk through the produce department and check out all the beautiful leafy greens and try them all! (Well, not necessarily at the same time!) Swiss Chard, Dandelion, and Romaine Lettuce to add a few. And then beyond the leafy greens, add some celery, cucumber, or even zucchini. There are limitless possibilities! One note, rotate your greens. In other words don't do spinach everyday or kale everyday, give them all a turn!

Now we need a liquid
My two favorites are coconut water or just plain filtered water. Stay away from adding store bought juices as they have been pasteurized, which has destroyed the minerals and enzymes, and usually contain sugar. Add enough liquid to create a smoothie that has the consistency you like. Some like it very thick, while others, like myself, prefer it more like the consistency of juice.

. . . more to come. This is a work in progress. But don't wait on me, go make a smoothie!

Beyond Fruit and Greens
There are a number of superfoods that people add to smoothies. Here are a few of the most common:
Flaxseed, Spirilina, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Maca Powder

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