Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's for supper?

. . . sometimes I really don't know.  Then I open the refrigerator and it just happens. A little of this and a little of that and before I know it, I am eating!

Check it out . . .

Bok choy leaves from the Farmer's Market rolled and sliced thinly
Fresh greens from Anner's - our local co-op
A tablespoon or two of hemp seeds
Lentils - cooked previously and chilled
Corn - organic defrosted frozen corn left over from the salsa recipe
Radish - from the Farmer's Market thinly sliced
Red onion - chopped
Basil, cinnamon basil, mint and parsley from the back yard
A handful of cilantro - chopped
Tomato - chopped
English cucumber - from the co-op - diced
Avocado diced
Orange - thinly sliced segments
Alfalfa sprouts

I was really delighted with the outcome of my dressing.  I zested the orange and juiced the half I didn't put in the salad. Then I added a big hunk of very ripe avocado and smashed it all together. It was like paste at that point. In went a little salt, pepper and olive oil, mixed it well and it was ready to toss with the salad.

It was just an amazing salad. 

Amazing enough I decided I better put it in my blog so when I forget what was in it, I can find it here and recreate it! I have no idea what the amounts were, but that doesn't matter because half the time I don't measure anyhow!

It is even pretty!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nine Months

When we hear the term nine months we automatically think of it as the time it takes to have a baby; giving birth to a new life. It was nine months ago today, July 19th, 2010, that I changed my life. There were oh so many reasons to do so, and as a result, I do have new life. To some, what I have done seems pretty radical, drastic, and maybe even unrealistic, but living a life with pain, no energy, being sick of being sick, tired of being tired, and not being in control of my own life, to me is what is radical, drastic and unrealistic. My goal was to simply feel good.

I did a very simple thing actually.  I changed my diet. I decided to eat only whole plant based food. I eliminated all refine sugars, processed food, meat and fish. After a short time, it evolved to no dairy and a diet high in raw food. A green smoothie begins every day.

Here is what has happened:

  • my cholesterol dropped by 117 points - no more cholesterol medication
  • my fibromyalgia pain was so drastically reduced that I no longer need medication for it
  • I take no medications
  • energy, OMG, that has been one of the biggest changes - it's exists now!
  • clarity and focus improved
  • I can sleep through the night
  • I have lost 24% of my body weight
  • no more allergies
  • I have almost all new clothes
  • my kitchen is equipped with many new appliances needed for this lifestyle
  • gadgets - oh how I love gadgets - and I have filled my kitchen with lots of them
  • my cook books are on a high self, and have been replaced with new vegetarian and raw "un-cook" books
  • I have many new friends who share this type of lifestyle
  • and I FEEL good - better than I have in years

This is not a diet for me.  It is a lifestyle.
Why would I ever want to go back to the days of nine months ago. 

It is amazing what can happen in nine months!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sand Springs Herbal Affair

This was my 17th year to attend the Herbal Affair.  It is one of the highlights of Spring for me.  It was cold and windy when I got there at 8:00 a.m., but the sun was out and the sky was a beautiful blue. I love to get there early - the event officially opens at 9:00 - and I enjoy walking and looking at all the plants, and fun  things that the vendors bring.  It is a nice time that gets spoiled when the masses arrive! It allows me to take lots of pictures and spend time visiting with various vendors.

There were two new ones this year that I found to be very interesting.  Marsha of Spirited Sister's Designs came for the first time from Shawnee, Oklahoma.  She had beautiful artwork painted on canvas that became wall art, rugs, and table runners.  I can't imagine walking on any of the pieces but she assured me that you could.  I wanted lots of what she had, but practiced control, and passed for now. (I did get her business card though.) Pictured is one of her pieces I especially liked.

Pat Cathey, of Pat's Flowers and Herbs, had a unique creation of concrete bird feeders, bird baths, and planter trays that were imprinted with large leaves. Each piece is one of a kind. Creative art! I did buy one that I put in my little planter fountain.  She also had water hyacinths, so I bought two for my fountain.

I bought lots of great plants. I am eager to get them in the ground, and even more eager to eat the fruits of my labor.  A fig, blueberry and thorn-less blackberry bush are among my favorites.  I also got a watermelon and cantaloupe plant.  Lots of herbs and vegetable plants came home with me too.

I took over 100 pictures.  I think the event is just beautiful.  It is a feel good time with the sights, the excitement and the smells.  Below is a slide show of some of my shots.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Market to Market . . . and then plant it all!

Today was fabulous.  The Cherry Street Farmer's Market opened and Brookside held it's annual Herb Fest.

The Farmer's Market was mobbed. We got there around 9:30 and lots of the stuff was already gone.  Next week I will definitely be there earlier. Hmmm . . . next week is the  Herbal Affair in Sand Springs, so I may actually miss the Farmer's Market???? How to be in two places at the same time?

It was my first time to go to the Brookside Herb Fest. It was full of fun too. I came home with so many plants from the two places.  It took me all afternoon to plant everything.  I can't wait until it all grows and I can eat it!! I planted lots of varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, several kinds of red peppers, squash, sage, mints, basil, strawberries, and I forget what else because I am so tired! Happy tired though.

Mother Goose is back.

She watched me work all afternoon. I counted 8 eggs in her nest. She layed her eggs last Sunday - it takes 28 days until they hatch.  If it is anything like last year, the day after they hatch they move on to bigger real estate. Ungrateful . . . I don't even charge her rent!!

I love working in the yard. There is something great about getting dirty...the sounds of nature as I work in the yard...there is a peace...time to think...conversations with God. It is pretty therapeutic. It does my body good!

Home. It IS my favorite place. And I really do love it this time of year.

Here's a few pictures from my day:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have you missed me?

We each are given 24 hours a day.  Do you ever find it just isn't enough?  I have so much I want to cram into each day, and then there is so much I have to cram into the day.  The "want" and the "have to" daily battle.

So many things seem to be happening at the same time in my life. Guess that is true most of the time, but this seems like the peak season of to-do's and it is hard to keep it all in balance some days.

My journey to health has taken a new turn and I recently learned of a number of issues with my central nervous system. Seems it has a few "kinks" that I need to straighten out to attain my goal of optimal health.  I have been going to Sowing Wellness for treatment and the folks there are terrific. Dr. Jannell, Dr. Shawna and Amanda are just amazing. I am going three times a week, and in addition have a good 40 minutes a day of home exercises. It's a big chunk of time, but well worth it. Added to that, I continue to learn more and more about how to heal myself through nutrition, and I am feeling better than I have in years!!! It does require me to prioritize time for food prep, but the benefit of that speaks for itself.

The big event in 30 days - GRADUATION!! My sweet husband has worked so hard to reach this day. He will receive his BS in Business Management from St. Gregory's University. I am so proud. The graduation announcements have been ordered and the new suit purchased. All that is left is to watch him walk across that stage, and to plan a party!!

And it is, after all, Spring! My favorite season, and perhaps the busiest of the year.  Everything is coming alive and I am always invigorated and energized to be outdoors "doing!" 

Projects abound this year. Yesterday the old fence went away - hooray - and the new posts are set.  Today the slats arrive and the new fence will be completed. Digging, lots of digging, has begun for the new Versa-lok wall.  This will be about four feet high for 20 feet or so, and then gradually slope down to follow the natural slope in the yard. BIG job! This is my first year to grow vegetables and the gardening has begun! A new 16 foot bed is in process! 

Well, day light has arrived, so I am out the door!  I will let the pictures below finish my story.  I'll be back . . . eventually!

Family Labor!

Chris and Riley taking a break to collect shells. How did shells get in our lake??

The BIG DIG - not to be confused with Boston!

Back breaking digging!

The fence is coming down

Mother Goose is back! She layed her eggs on Sunday. She is a problem this year! Right in line with the wall project and she isn't moving!!

New vegetable bed. Great process using bags of soil layed on top of chicken wire to prevent the moles and gophers from eating my veggies! Planting begins today!

There fence is down and being carried away!
Ah, yes, I love productivity!

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