Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's for supper?

. . . sometimes I really don't know.  Then I open the refrigerator and it just happens. A little of this and a little of that and before I know it, I am eating!

Check it out . . .

Bok choy leaves from the Farmer's Market rolled and sliced thinly
Fresh greens from Anner's - our local co-op
A tablespoon or two of hemp seeds
Lentils - cooked previously and chilled
Corn - organic defrosted frozen corn left over from the salsa recipe
Radish - from the Farmer's Market thinly sliced
Red onion - chopped
Basil, cinnamon basil, mint and parsley from the back yard
A handful of cilantro - chopped
Tomato - chopped
English cucumber - from the co-op - diced
Avocado diced
Orange - thinly sliced segments
Alfalfa sprouts

I was really delighted with the outcome of my dressing.  I zested the orange and juiced the half I didn't put in the salad. Then I added a big hunk of very ripe avocado and smashed it all together. It was like paste at that point. In went a little salt, pepper and olive oil, mixed it well and it was ready to toss with the salad.

It was just an amazing salad. 

Amazing enough I decided I better put it in my blog so when I forget what was in it, I can find it here and recreate it! I have no idea what the amounts were, but that doesn't matter because half the time I don't measure anyhow!

It is even pretty!

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