Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have you missed me?

We each are given 24 hours a day.  Do you ever find it just isn't enough?  I have so much I want to cram into each day, and then there is so much I have to cram into the day.  The "want" and the "have to" daily battle.

So many things seem to be happening at the same time in my life. Guess that is true most of the time, but this seems like the peak season of to-do's and it is hard to keep it all in balance some days.

My journey to health has taken a new turn and I recently learned of a number of issues with my central nervous system. Seems it has a few "kinks" that I need to straighten out to attain my goal of optimal health.  I have been going to Sowing Wellness for treatment and the folks there are terrific. Dr. Jannell, Dr. Shawna and Amanda are just amazing. I am going three times a week, and in addition have a good 40 minutes a day of home exercises. It's a big chunk of time, but well worth it. Added to that, I continue to learn more and more about how to heal myself through nutrition, and I am feeling better than I have in years!!! It does require me to prioritize time for food prep, but the benefit of that speaks for itself.

The big event in 30 days - GRADUATION!! My sweet husband has worked so hard to reach this day. He will receive his BS in Business Management from St. Gregory's University. I am so proud. The graduation announcements have been ordered and the new suit purchased. All that is left is to watch him walk across that stage, and to plan a party!!

And it is, after all, Spring! My favorite season, and perhaps the busiest of the year.  Everything is coming alive and I am always invigorated and energized to be outdoors "doing!" 

Projects abound this year. Yesterday the old fence went away - hooray - and the new posts are set.  Today the slats arrive and the new fence will be completed. Digging, lots of digging, has begun for the new Versa-lok wall.  This will be about four feet high for 20 feet or so, and then gradually slope down to follow the natural slope in the yard. BIG job! This is my first year to grow vegetables and the gardening has begun! A new 16 foot bed is in process! 

Well, day light has arrived, so I am out the door!  I will let the pictures below finish my story.  I'll be back . . . eventually!

Family Labor!

Chris and Riley taking a break to collect shells. How did shells get in our lake??

The BIG DIG - not to be confused with Boston!

Back breaking digging!

The fence is coming down

Mother Goose is back! She layed her eggs on Sunday. She is a problem this year! Right in line with the wall project and she isn't moving!!

New vegetable bed. Great process using bags of soil layed on top of chicken wire to prevent the moles and gophers from eating my veggies! Planting begins today!

There fence is down and being carried away!
Ah, yes, I love productivity!

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