Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Amazing Year

A year ago this month my life changed. 

The last twelve months have been an experience I never could have imagined: renewed health, new friends, a new lifestyle, and I am inspired daily by what God has given me.

Monica, Matthew, me and Katherine
This weekend was a wonderful end to an amazing year. It began with a trip to Matthew Kenney OKC for a four course meal with my two dear friends. Check out my album for pictures of the evening. The event launched his new book, Everyday Raw Express. It is filled with wonderful recipes that I can't wait to make. Today I picked one that took no time at all and I had all the ingredients just waiting to be put together: carrots, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and basil. Using a spiralizer, the carrots almost look like orange spaghetti. The dressing for this salad is so good I could drink it!!
Recipe from Everyday Raw Express

 Saturday I got my first produce bag from Natural Farms food co-op. I am very impressed with the quantity and quality, and loved their store. The cucumbers and mango just had to join each other in the same bowl and a wonderful salad was born in my kitchen. Cucumbers, mango, and red peppers, dressed with a mixture of pineapple juice, honey, oil, peach balsamic vinegar, salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper. After being refrigerated a few hours it was fabulous!

Saturday also found us at Hahn Appliance looking for a new dishwasher. They were having an amazing sale and not only did we get a new dishwasher, we got a refrigerator too. It is the kind with the two upper french doors and the freezer draw on the bottom. Way more room for fruits and veggies! I can't wait for it's arrival on Thursday!

We ended the day with Mass and a lovely dinner with friends we have not seen in some time. It was such a nice day the heat wasn't even a factor (could I be getting use to this 100 degree plus weather??)

Today was a great day too. A leisurely start on the patio, time with my Mom, and even some playtime in the kitchen.

And so, this amazing year ends and a new one begins. I am so grateful to the people who have made a difference in my life this last year: Dr. Malloy for opening the door, myself for having the courage to pass through it, and all I have met along the way who truly have inspired and changed me. Life is good, it is sooooooooo good. I thank God for the gifts he has blessed me with this year.

In honor of my one year anniversary I made a purchase to help me bounce right into my second year. 
 I can't wait for it to arrive! 
More on that soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bacon is Ready

I can hear you now, "Kathy eat bacon???" Well, this bacon is just amazing, and it didn't come from a pig. It is from eggplant. A great marinade, sliced eggplant, a dehydrator, and bacon happens!

This is after approximately 48 hours at 105 degrees in the dehydrator.
And lots of snacking as it dehydrated!

It looks like bacon, doesn't it!

With some veggies and hummus it was outstanding!

I think this batch won't last long! 

Farmer's Market here I come for more eggplant!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello my blog. I have missed you!

Time has just flown by these last two months. I am glad things are slowing down and I can get to the simple things I enjoy.

Today started out with Mass. A perfect beginning. A quick stop at Whole Foods and home by ten.  By eleven, outside watering and chores were done and I was free to play in the kitchen! Actually the big task was to clean the refrigerator.

So all the things I bought at the Farmer's market were just staring at me. I cut up the watermelon and after eating a good amount of it, I stored it for eating and juicing.  Did you know the rind is actually very good for us?

Next came the eggplant. Spelled bacon to me.  Slice, marinate and in the dehydrator it went. It is a recipe from Matthew Kenney's book, Everyday Raw. (great link!)

Friday, the 29th, is his book signing party at his restaurant, Matthew Kenney OKC, and I am looking forward to the road trip with Monica and Katherine Rose. His new book is called, Everyday Raw Express.

Here's a few pictures to show you what came next.  I call it my Sweet Summer Slaw! See how cleaning out the refrigerator can be so delicious!

Shredded red cabbage, green cabbage, zucchini, and carrots. Raisins and chopped pineapple. 
Great colors. Dressing: pineapple juice, honey, peach balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
Lunch: Stacked Sweet Summer Slaw ready to eat! Delicious!
The best part of playing in the kitchen was making a fantastic recipe by Raw Intentions called Brownie Banana Split. Denise does a class at Whole Foods regularly and this is one of the items she made last Friday.  It is an amazing dessert. Thanks Denise. You are amazing too!

In a little tart pan, the brownie is ready to get dressed.

First comes the sweet creme.

Here are all the toppings: pineapple, strawberries, banana and walnuts.

So pretty!

We had dessert for dinner!!!
Of course, after all that creativity, comes this:

Wish I had someone to clean up after me!

It is all cleaned up now.  
I really enjoyed my day.  
And it feels good to blog again.  
Now I am going to do something else I haven't done in a long time, knit!

RAWking in the kitchen is good for me!

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