Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So, I fried my feet!

It was so easy to do I didn't even know it happened! I fried a few other body parts too. I did use sunscreen, really, I did, and it really worked . . . in the places I put it. Obviously, I missed a few spots!

So other than our morning walk, we stayed off the beach today.

We took quite a long walk along the inlet area where the boats, yachts, barges and cruise ships come in.

It was such a peaceful area. It was delightful to meet some of the local folks. We found a great walking path that cut right through the neighborhood. We met people and dogs along the way! They are so proud of their town. I was totally blown away by some of the old magnolia trees.

Isn't that just incredible!

There were many pretty sights along our walk. 

And to think if I hadn't fried my feet, we may have never gone in this direction!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

In my next life, I want to be a beach bum!

Vacation. Where have you been? I think I have to work on spending more time with you regularly!

So here we are in Palm Shores, Florida, at the Marriott Ocean Point Resort. It is a slice of Paradise. When we walked the beach this morning I know everyone was so happy to see me here, because they all smiled as we passed by and said good morning!

I love the beach. I grew up in the Northeast and frequented the beaches often, and now living in the middle of the country I really miss it. So on this vacation I will cram as much time sitting on the beach, walking on the beach, or just looking at the beach as I can. This place is a true stress eliminator!

Here are a few pictures to help me make my point. . .

I get to hang around with this wonderful man at this beach!

These are the views from our balcony . . .

Here are the paths to the beach . . .

The beach at various times of the day . . .

And this was the BEST part of today . . .

Our grand kids came to visit. It was SOOOOOO great to see them! They are just beautiful!

We spent time at the beach and at the pools.

Grandpa and Morgan spent the most time in the pool!

Before our final walk on the beach, we had dinner on the patio. It was so relaxing, and so good. Thanks to our good friend Denise, of Raw Intentions, who sent us on vacation with some wonderful raw creations, we had a fabulous meal.

A "not-tuna' wrap, an "eggless-egg salad wrap, hummus and veggies, strawberries and a great glass of pinot noir. It was perfect.

And not to forget dessert . . .

Raw-kingly good Chocolate Pudding!

So, vacation, I am really happy to be here with you! 
It was a really great first day!
I promise to savor every minute with you!
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