Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So, I fried my feet!

It was so easy to do I didn't even know it happened! I fried a few other body parts too. I did use sunscreen, really, I did, and it really worked . . . in the places I put it. Obviously, I missed a few spots!

So other than our morning walk, we stayed off the beach today.

We took quite a long walk along the inlet area where the boats, yachts, barges and cruise ships come in.

It was such a peaceful area. It was delightful to meet some of the local folks. We found a great walking path that cut right through the neighborhood. We met people and dogs along the way! They are so proud of their town. I was totally blown away by some of the old magnolia trees.

Isn't that just incredible!

There were many pretty sights along our walk. 

And to think if I hadn't fried my feet, we may have never gone in this direction!

1 comment:

  1. Love Love Love the blog.... Wish I was there... The pics are as pretty as Hawaii was!


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