Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking time to save time!

I am trying really hard to be organized.  Especially in the morning.  Adding breakfast to my routine, aside from preparing it as well, has made a significant time difference.  I do not want to reach the point of skipping breakfast,  so I take chunks of time to get organized.

Last night I made up bags of all the dry items that go into my smoothies.  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but to just dump the one bag in to the blender, as opposed to pulling out all the ingredients and measuring each one, really does save a huge amount of time. I just love my smoothies!!
Here is a list of all the "additives:" Cacoa, Maca, Hemp Seed, Flaxseed, Spirulina and Dulse Flakes

The other thing I did was to make a huge pot of our favorite soup on Sunday.  Then I put it in serving size containers, and it is already to just put into our lunch boxes.  Hmmmm. . . it really isn't a lunch box, more like a lunch bag, but I still call it a lunch box?

Then to have a healthy snack to grab, I made bags of nuts, raisins, seeds, and goji berries.  Again, the bag is quick to just drop in with our lunches for that afternoon snack.

OMG I love these goji  berries!! Read the link to see all the super powers they hold!!
Even all by themselves they make a delightful snack.

Next is to soak them a bit and put them in my smoothies!!!

So, hope you make some time, to save some time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Brat Wrap

This is one of my throw together creations, that is now my husband's favorite!

The ingredients for my
Brat Wrap:

whole spelt tortilla
shredded swiss cheese
Tofurky beer brats
roasted red pepper and onion

- spred the pesto on the wrap, and pile with spinach
- cook the brat in a tablespoon of olive oil, add onion and red pepper
- put the brat on top of the spinach
- top with the peppers and onions
- sprinkle with shredded cheese and wrap

These are the brands of the brats and tortillas I purchased at Whole Foods:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dr. Malloy

This is my my doctor, Dr. Michael Malloy.  He is the one who encouraged me to treat my Fibromyalgia with nutrition, rather than drugs.  He is a kind and gentle man who really cares.  He has given me so much advice and encouragement to follow this nutritional path with improved health being the destination.  From telling me about green smoothies to recommending resources on the internet, he has been more helpful than he even knows!  He even answers my emails!!!!

Today he was featured in an article in the Tulsa World.  He is doing a talk at St. Francis Hospital on Rheumatoid Arthritis. If you, or someone you know, suffers from this disease, you might want to check it out.

I am truly thankful that, because my insurance changed a few years ago, I had to change doctors, and I selected him.  Little did I know it would be one of the smartest things I did!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Portabello Monday

Dick came home with two beautiful portablello mushrooms today.  With no definite dinner plan, I knew we had to eat them!!!  Here's what developed:

The recipe:

Sauté garlic, and add thinly sliced red onions, and then add large slices of the portabello mushrooms.

While that was cooking I combined an assortment of greens, heavy on the spinach, added sliced cucumbers, and a sliced tomato, and tossed it with a few seasonings.

Once the greens were plated, I sprinkled the greens with shredded Parmesan cheese, then topped it off with the hot onion - mushroom mix.

The cheese melted and the spinach wilted, but the cucumbers and tomatoes were nice and crunchy.  
It was really yummy!

The little corner of orange on the plate is left over acorn squash.  That is a totally awesome recipe too.

1 large acorn squash
4 tbls diced dried apricots
2 tbls chopped raw cashews
1 15oz can unsweetened, crushed pineapple, juice reserved
2 tbls raisins

Cut squash in half, remove seeds, and bake face down in 1/2 inch of water for 45 minutes at 350 degrees

Cover apricots in a bowl with some of the pineapple juice.  On top, add the pineapple, raisins and cashews. Let stand and soak while the squash is cooking.

After the squash has cooked, mix up the fruit in the bowl and scoop it into the squash's center.  Cover with aluminum foil and bake covered for an additional 30 minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon, then put back in the oven for 5 more minutes.  Enjoy!

from Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Auction Items in Fiber!

Time to put some of my favorite fiber on this blog!  YARN!

Mom and I have been making items to donate to MaryFair for the silent auction.  She is just an incredible knitter.

Baby Boy Hoodie - size is a 9 - 12 month

This is the same pattern for these two cute little girl sweaters.
The pink one, with the most precious little buttons, is made from cotton and the two tone one is wool and silk  Both are just adorable!

Cuddly baby blanket in a basket weave pattern.              
Perfect little boy cardigan - 9 - 12 month size

And finally something for the adults!  This is made out of two types of yarn.  Noro is a fabulous yarn from Japan known for it's great colors, and Katmanchu.  They are both made of wool and silk and feel great.  Colors could make this scarf appropriate  for a guy or a gal! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Week that Was!

This last week was wild.  There was fun, stress (way too much stress), special moments and a few hopefully not to do over again!

Tuesday we had a great staff retreat at work.  Fr. Kastl facilitated it and did a great job.  My group built the highest tower.  Such great team work! Also on Tuesday, a truck backed into me in the Whole Foods parking lot.  Just bumper damage, but enough ($630) that it will cause some inconvenience getting it fixed.  At least the guy had insurance!

Wednesday I had to go to court for a speeding ticket. Funny how the court has pews just like church - and I wonder if everyone prays in them like I did!!??  I was really stressed and nervous and NEVER want to do that again!  Huge fine, and lesson learned!

Thursday night we went to Theology Uncorked at St. Mary's. Msgr. Gaalaas was the speaker and talked about Faith and Politics.  He was very good.  The wine was Fire Alarm Red from Girouard Vines, and Chris Girouard gave a terrific overview of the winery, which is located here in Tulsa.  His wine labels have Tulsa Deco Art on them from different buildings. On September 23rd, our staff is getting off early to support the first night he is opening to the public.  I think it will be quite fun!

Friday found us at Cafe Samana at our usual table in the corner. I could actually eat there everyday! Tracy, the owner, sat and visited with us and I enjoyed our conversation so much.  She has a wonderful business philosophy, work ethic, and is just delightful.  Plus, the best part, she agreed to sell us some of her artichoke dip!!

And speaking of eating, it was definitely a good eating week!  And I dropped my 16th pound. I added a new element to my smoothies: coconut juice.  I now use it instead of water.  This was the first recipe I did with it an it is my favorite to date:

about 5 ounces of Coconut Juice
1 Gala Apple, peeled
6-7 frozen slices of banana
heaping tablespoon of flaxseed
heaping teaspoon of spirulina
about 2-3 cups of fresh spinach
crushed ice
blend it until smooth!

Saturday was filled with yard work, housework and dinner company. It has been weeks since I  have had the opportunity to get things done in the yard.  It has taken a real hit with the heat this year.  Almost all my new sod died, even a few shrubs bit the dust, but my new bed has weathered well.

Today, Church, DoubleShot Coffee (oh I am such a coffee snob!!!), breakfast at Chalkboard, sipping my green smoothie on the patio relaxing, then a trip to Loops with Mom, where we bought some great "fiber!"

Two other worthy notes from this week: an email from a long lost friend, and Morgan, my 6 year old grandaughter, made a trip to Emory in Atlanta, GA for more medical tests. Say a prayer for her and her family when you read this.  I don't know any of the details of the trip yet. That can be a post all by itself.

This week I need to learn to blog more regularly, instead of a weeks worth at once.  Hope this week is a bit more dull than the last one!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pesto Pizza

I am so inspired by the wonderful combinations of food that Cafe Samana in Tulsa prepares.  This is my version of their Pesto Pit-za and it was quick, easy and delicious!  A big thank you to them and to Whole Foods for making the ingredients so available!

The ingredients: Pita Bread or Tortillas, Pesto, Spinach, Roasted Onions and Red Peppers, Artichokes, Mozzarella Balls, Herbs, Feta Cheese - plus pretty edible flower petals for color and fun!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Green Smoothie Converts

I have been drinking Green Smoothies for about 7 weeks now.  It never ceases to amaze me how many possible combination of ingredients there are and how great they taste.  I am amazed also how much information there is on the internet about green smoothies from YouTube videos, to recipes, to personal testimonies.

Why didn't I hear about these wonder drinks a long time ago????

Many of those around me can see the visible difference this "magic" drink has made for me.  As a result, I have a following of converts who are also going green!  Here they are so far:

This is Joel and his smoothie was really green!

My husband
Glenn Ann

Yesterday I brought my Blendtec to work and made Green Smoothies for five of my co-workers.  They mainly brought fruit, but I made sure we used the good green stuff and added spinach and dandelion greens.  It appeared to be a hit.  Now to see who goes for it!

Lots of berries in this one so the green was hidden!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blendtec Love with a Green Smoothie Recipe!

It's here! It's finally here!!!

 Three minutes out of the box and it's time to make a green smoothie!

1 peeled kiwi
1 pear
squirt of agave
heaping tbl. of flaxseed
1 tsp. spirulina

In seconds . . .
a green smoothie is born!!!
Smooth and delicious! Yummmmm!

And so it begins! 

Yes, I think it might be love!!

But love an appliance? 
or the contents?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Touched by Elizabeth

God puts people in and out of our lives. Some just come and go and we don't even notice, and others, well, some of them are the ones we stop and thank God that He chose to touch our lives by gifting us with that person.  I think a little piece of those people becomes the fiber of who we are.

Today I stopped and thanked God for Elizabeth Flynn. He blessed me with the gift of this lovely lady for many years.  This morning, in the early hours, Elizabeth peacefully left this life. It was a privilege to know you Elizabeth. A piece of you will always be in my heart. God bless you forever.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How nice to see you!

I love this video chat thing!  Oh my gosh how nice to talk to my grand kids and see them.  Hear them laugh!!  So good for a grandmother's soul!!

I took them outside to see their trees (we have planted a tree for each grandchild in our yard), and all around the yard and house for a tour.  We had such fun! It is the next best thing to having them here!

I love these kids.  Aren't they beautiful!!!!

A New Start

Since this is how I start my day, with a Green Smoothie, I thought it appropriate to start my blog with this picture. My new start began July 19, 2010.

This new start is a combination of results: tired of dragging myself around from the pain of fibromyalgia and not willing to take drugs for it, my Dr.'s recommendation to read "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman, running out of my Crestor, and the discovery of Green Smoothies.

I committed to eat only fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts for a 6 week period. The results have been remarkable. After less than a week my energy level doubled and my pain level significantly was reduced. After 3 weeks, my cholesterol dropped by 113 points and I no longer need to take medication.  To date, I have dropped 15 pounds!

While the goal was to feel better, the other benefits resulting from changing my dietary habits have given me back the spring in my life that I thought was gone.  For six weeks is now changed to a life time.  I have no desire to go back to old habits because I feel so good! It only gets better!
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