Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Week that Was!

This last week was wild.  There was fun, stress (way too much stress), special moments and a few hopefully not to do over again!

Tuesday we had a great staff retreat at work.  Fr. Kastl facilitated it and did a great job.  My group built the highest tower.  Such great team work! Also on Tuesday, a truck backed into me in the Whole Foods parking lot.  Just bumper damage, but enough ($630) that it will cause some inconvenience getting it fixed.  At least the guy had insurance!

Wednesday I had to go to court for a speeding ticket. Funny how the court has pews just like church - and I wonder if everyone prays in them like I did!!??  I was really stressed and nervous and NEVER want to do that again!  Huge fine, and lesson learned!

Thursday night we went to Theology Uncorked at St. Mary's. Msgr. Gaalaas was the speaker and talked about Faith and Politics.  He was very good.  The wine was Fire Alarm Red from Girouard Vines, and Chris Girouard gave a terrific overview of the winery, which is located here in Tulsa.  His wine labels have Tulsa Deco Art on them from different buildings. On September 23rd, our staff is getting off early to support the first night he is opening to the public.  I think it will be quite fun!

Friday found us at Cafe Samana at our usual table in the corner. I could actually eat there everyday! Tracy, the owner, sat and visited with us and I enjoyed our conversation so much.  She has a wonderful business philosophy, work ethic, and is just delightful.  Plus, the best part, she agreed to sell us some of her artichoke dip!!

And speaking of eating, it was definitely a good eating week!  And I dropped my 16th pound. I added a new element to my smoothies: coconut juice.  I now use it instead of water.  This was the first recipe I did with it an it is my favorite to date:

about 5 ounces of Coconut Juice
1 Gala Apple, peeled
6-7 frozen slices of banana
heaping tablespoon of flaxseed
heaping teaspoon of spirulina
about 2-3 cups of fresh spinach
crushed ice
blend it until smooth!

Saturday was filled with yard work, housework and dinner company. It has been weeks since I  have had the opportunity to get things done in the yard.  It has taken a real hit with the heat this year.  Almost all my new sod died, even a few shrubs bit the dust, but my new bed has weathered well.

Today, Church, DoubleShot Coffee (oh I am such a coffee snob!!!), breakfast at Chalkboard, sipping my green smoothie on the patio relaxing, then a trip to Loops with Mom, where we bought some great "fiber!"

Two other worthy notes from this week: an email from a long lost friend, and Morgan, my 6 year old grandaughter, made a trip to Emory in Atlanta, GA for more medical tests. Say a prayer for her and her family when you read this.  I don't know any of the details of the trip yet. That can be a post all by itself.

This week I need to learn to blog more regularly, instead of a weeks worth at once.  Hope this week is a bit more dull than the last one!

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