Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Green Smoothie Converts

I have been drinking Green Smoothies for about 7 weeks now.  It never ceases to amaze me how many possible combination of ingredients there are and how great they taste.  I am amazed also how much information there is on the internet about green smoothies from YouTube videos, to recipes, to personal testimonies.

Why didn't I hear about these wonder drinks a long time ago????

Many of those around me can see the visible difference this "magic" drink has made for me.  As a result, I have a following of converts who are also going green!  Here they are so far:

This is Joel and his smoothie was really green!

My husband
Glenn Ann

Yesterday I brought my Blendtec to work and made Green Smoothies for five of my co-workers.  They mainly brought fruit, but I made sure we used the good green stuff and added spinach and dandelion greens.  It appeared to be a hit.  Now to see who goes for it!

Lots of berries in this one so the green was hidden!

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