Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sand Springs Herbal Affair

This was my 17th year to attend the Herbal Affair.  It is one of the highlights of Spring for me.  It was cold and windy when I got there at 8:00 a.m., but the sun was out and the sky was a beautiful blue. I love to get there early - the event officially opens at 9:00 - and I enjoy walking and looking at all the plants, and fun  things that the vendors bring.  It is a nice time that gets spoiled when the masses arrive! It allows me to take lots of pictures and spend time visiting with various vendors.

There were two new ones this year that I found to be very interesting.  Marsha of Spirited Sister's Designs came for the first time from Shawnee, Oklahoma.  She had beautiful artwork painted on canvas that became wall art, rugs, and table runners.  I can't imagine walking on any of the pieces but she assured me that you could.  I wanted lots of what she had, but practiced control, and passed for now. (I did get her business card though.) Pictured is one of her pieces I especially liked.

Pat Cathey, of Pat's Flowers and Herbs, had a unique creation of concrete bird feeders, bird baths, and planter trays that were imprinted with large leaves. Each piece is one of a kind. Creative art! I did buy one that I put in my little planter fountain.  She also had water hyacinths, so I bought two for my fountain.

I bought lots of great plants. I am eager to get them in the ground, and even more eager to eat the fruits of my labor.  A fig, blueberry and thorn-less blackberry bush are among my favorites.  I also got a watermelon and cantaloupe plant.  Lots of herbs and vegetable plants came home with me too.

I took over 100 pictures.  I think the event is just beautiful.  It is a feel good time with the sights, the excitement and the smells.  Below is a slide show of some of my shots.

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