Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nine Months

When we hear the term nine months we automatically think of it as the time it takes to have a baby; giving birth to a new life. It was nine months ago today, July 19th, 2010, that I changed my life. There were oh so many reasons to do so, and as a result, I do have new life. To some, what I have done seems pretty radical, drastic, and maybe even unrealistic, but living a life with pain, no energy, being sick of being sick, tired of being tired, and not being in control of my own life, to me is what is radical, drastic and unrealistic. My goal was to simply feel good.

I did a very simple thing actually.  I changed my diet. I decided to eat only whole plant based food. I eliminated all refine sugars, processed food, meat and fish. After a short time, it evolved to no dairy and a diet high in raw food. A green smoothie begins every day.

Here is what has happened:

  • my cholesterol dropped by 117 points - no more cholesterol medication
  • my fibromyalgia pain was so drastically reduced that I no longer need medication for it
  • I take no medications
  • energy, OMG, that has been one of the biggest changes - it's exists now!
  • clarity and focus improved
  • I can sleep through the night
  • I have lost 24% of my body weight
  • no more allergies
  • I have almost all new clothes
  • my kitchen is equipped with many new appliances needed for this lifestyle
  • gadgets - oh how I love gadgets - and I have filled my kitchen with lots of them
  • my cook books are on a high self, and have been replaced with new vegetarian and raw "un-cook" books
  • I have many new friends who share this type of lifestyle
  • and I FEEL good - better than I have in years

This is not a diet for me.  It is a lifestyle.
Why would I ever want to go back to the days of nine months ago. 

It is amazing what can happen in nine months!

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