Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebrations Galore!

I have had so very much going in my life these last few weeks. In addition to some major yard projects, work, daily routines, and lots of festivities I am ready for a little bit of down time.

In a ten day period, we celebrated:

  • my husband's birthday, 
  • our 41st wedding anniversary,
  • attended the Reception and Awards ceremony for the Tulsa graduates of St. Gregory's University,
  • Baccalaureate Mass in Shawnee,
  • my husband's graduation from St. Gregory's
  • and Mother's Day!

All were amazing events but without a doubt, the highlight was graduation.  I am just so proud of my husband for all of his accomplishments. To work full time, volunteer at the Air and Space Museum, Chair the Park and Recreation Board of our town, and graduate TOP in his class, is just remarkable.

This picture was taken during his valedictorian speech, and it was used for the press release of the graduation on St. Gregory's University's website and was also in the Shawnee News Star. 

My grandson videoed his speech, and while the video isn't perfect, the audio is, and I am so grateful to have a copy of it.  I have uploaded it to YouTube for our friends and family that could not attend, to hear it.  I thought it was perfect.

After graduation we spent some time with Brother George in his studio having our portraits made. We have so many great pictures I don't know how we will ever decide what to pick!  It was really fun.  Then we headed to Oklahoma City for a celebration dinner at 105degrees. This is probably my most favorite restaurant. From appetizers to dessert, it was fabulous!

May 7th was certainly a very special day in the Desruisseau family!

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