Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Superbowl, Daytona 500, and World Series of Raw Food

The Raw Living Expo is the Daytona 500, Superbowl, World Series and all those other huge events, for people who believe and live a raw food lifestyle. I got my ticket in October and was looking forward to the event with great anticipation.

In Oklahoma there is not a huge population of raw foodies so the opportunity to be educated, energized and motivated by like minded people was something I really longed for. Plus it was a get away with my husband, a first trip to Sedona, and I wanted to be part of the whole event. I knew I would come back with some key ingredients to make a difference in my life.

But this trip was not meant to be. On the Monday prior to leaving I came down with the respiratory bug that everyone seems to be getting this year. I never get sick, and this was just devastating timing. In addition to that, some creep depleted my bank account. It was horribly in the hole, and my banker said, "Oh don't worry, it happens all the time. We will take care of it." How sad that statement is! It takes money to go on a trip, that I had been saving since October, and it was gone, and unlikely to be resolved in time for the trip. So, the trip was off. It was all out of my control so I just had to give in to it.

When I wasn't resting, blowing my nose, or wiping my runny eyes, I had some kitchen time.

So I made Kale Chips and Spicy Cheese Broccoli Nibblers using Nouveau Raw's recipe. She has some great ones! It was good to have some snacks!

Chocolate Chia Crackers. And I cannot remember where I got the recipe, maybe from Raw Food Rehab?? If you are into raw food and have not become a member of Raw Food Rehab, do it now! It is an amazing online community. Go to and sign up now! Yes, now!

From my Raw Reflections and Recipes book I made a batch of chocolate and blond macaroons. My husband loves the chocolate ones and I like the blond ones, so we each almost get our own stash!!

I pulled out an ebook I recently bought that I hadn't had time to make much from, and went wild! The ebook, Gettin' Raw by Rawdawg Rory is great. It has some recipes I hadn't seen elsewhere, so that, along with my ebook junkie addiction, is what prompted me to buy it. Plus it was on sale for nine bucks! Worth every penny!

I made Fajitas and Guacamole. The left over fajitas were great stuffed into a collard wrap using the guacamole as a spread, to top off a salad,  and even to just eat all by themselves! His guac recipe is great too!

BBQ Portabella Burger . . . well, I sliced mine and made a wrap out of it! I love the BBQ sauce in this recipe. I did, however, add some agave to make it a bit sweeter. In the days of eating SAD (standard american diet) the only reason I ate BBQ was for the sauce!!!

Almond milk. I love it when I take the time to make my own almond milk. This was made for more than the milk though.  I needed it and almond pulp,

so I could make this amazing pie, Chocolate Ganache. OMG we sure liked this! I blended raspberries with agave, or maybe honey, not sure now, and then strained it through my nut bag to get all the seeds out. It was a perfect sauce. The chocolate to this pie reminded me more of a milk chocolate, rather than the dark chocolate taste that seems to dominate most of my recipes. It was a nice change.

I also looked out the window alot while I was re-cooperating. We had some snow one day that was quite pretty. There is something about nature that is so relaxing. In our back yard there is always something going on to watch, from the birds, to ducks and geese on the lake, to even the crazy squirrels.

I watched the Raw Living Expo on TV while I laid around or played in the kitchen. It was streamed live so I just connected my computer to the TV and I was all set. I had the opportunity to listen to some really interesting speakers. So even though I was not there, I did get to see some of it.

My stolen money was all replaced in my bank account. It took nine business days though.

I have a full credit for my flight on Southwest Airlines.

And I got well.

As the saying goes, "all's well that ends well!"

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  1. How disappointing that you missed your trip! I'm going to try to make it next year! The food all looks amazing! I've got my eye on the chocolate pie :)


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