Friday, August 23, 2013

Attitude Soup

"Now this soup has an attitude," said the fire breathing lady. "Oh, wow." Yet she couldn't stop eating it! The combination of flavors were doing a dance on her tongue and the music wasn't stopping.

Just take a look at this presentation. It begs to be eaten.

"What is it?" you ask.

It is a raw soup that can warm you up like one that has been boiling on the stove. The difference is that all the nutrients have been saved by not cooking it. It has a chunky texture, and with the garnishes on top, there is plenty to bite into. It is rich and filling. And it will make your sinuses drain even if you didn't think they needed to! The attitude is the cayenne pepper. I have learned to really like this spice. Did you know it has amazing health benefits too?

I have been making a raw blended soup almost daily for a couple of weeks now. I joined a group, Cleanse America, to do a 10 day cleanse. The cleanse choices were liquid (smoothies, juices, blended soups), raw food, and or a combination of both. I decided to do liquids and it has gone so well I am on day 22! I am transitioning to raw solids and that is why I selected this chowder because of the garnishes on it. I feel amazing. My energy levels are up, I lost weight, my skin feels so soft and smooth, and there is a different kind of clarity and calm that I experience. I have not been hungry once and have totally enjoyed the ease of eating this way.

I have adapted this recipe from Nouveau Raw. Aime Sue creates amazing recipes of which I have made many. This is her Sun-dried Tomato Corn Chowder. Whether you eat a raw diet, like an occasional raw dish, or just might be curious, I would really encourage you to try this recipe.

After all, who wouldn't want a dance happening on their tongue?

(Wow, I haven't blogged since May???? What the heck have I been doing???)

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