Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Tidbits

Sunday I gave myself permission to have a down day. I rarely do that. I even tried to take a nap because I felt so tired, but I couldn't turn my brain off, so it didn't work. We have had a situation in our family that has been very difficult for me to process. It is just sucking up my energy. My anxiety level is very high and if I was a run to the doctor person I would probably be headed that way for drugs! But all will be fine. Different, but fine.

One of my good friends posted this on Facebook recently. It was just what I needed to see, and believe!

Now, on to my favorite subject, which does give me energy, food! After watching the documentary, Average Joe on Raw, I was inspired to make this:

OMG, this is like eating apple pie with no fork! It is a snack that Paul Risse makes at the Barefoot Market in Stephenville, Texas, and it was served to Seth and his wife in the movie. I couldn't wait to check his recipes in his Small Town Raw Big City Taste book, and there it was! We made it for a snack, but it ended up being lunch. The link I attached for his book is actually a blog by Penni Shelton of Tulsa, and it has the link in it to get the book plus some great information about Paul.

I made two different juices. Isn't the color just amazing in juice?

I filled my dehydrator with two cracker recipes. One is a pulp cracker (carrot pulp from my juice) and the other is a cracker with a raw marinara sauce base. I am still trying to get the hang of dehydrated crackers. Maybe today will be the day!

Dinner was not only delicious, but one of the quickest meals I have made lately. I made the entire salad using my mandolin slicer. The dressing was created from the leftover Herbed Pesto sauce from a Herbed Pesto Linguine recipe that I made on Saturday.

I sliced and made rows of zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers, then sprinkled yellow peppers and red onions on top of the rows, drizzled the dressing over it all, and garnished it all with sliced kalamata olives. It was a stroke of genius! The dressing has pistachios in it, along with fresh basil and fresh mint, and the combination made for some great flavor.

Maybe the apple snack and the sliced salad will inspire you?

I guess for a down day, 
I really did do a number of things! 

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