Sunday, April 1, 2012

What happens after a tango with a mango?

A Mango Salsa of course!

Raw Intentions class at Whole Foods was all about mangoes. I like mangoes. I really like mangoes. Is this a clue how much I like Mangoes??

I bought a whole case! They were on sale and I will cube them and fill my freezer.

Do you know how to cut a mango? We learned how to cut and cube a mango. It's pretty simple. Just watch this video to see for yourself.

The salsa Denise makes is wonderful. I can imagine eating it with just a spoon! It will be great on crackers. It can be the base of a salad. Put it in a lettuce wrap. It doesn't really matter what you do with it, as long as you just eat it!! It doesn't take many ingredients and it is just a matter of chopping and mixing. I like easy.

The mango salsa was served with flax crackers and was quite a hit!

In addition to salsa we had a wonderful mango sorbet with raspberry sauce. Four ingredients to make this delightful treat. First the partially thawed frozen mango goes into the blender with a bit of agave.

Next blend frozen raspberries with a bit of agave until smooth and pour into a nut bag.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Seedless raspberry sauce. Yummy.

Put it together and you have a delightful mango sorbet with raspberry sauce.

Now to get to all those mangoes I bought. I see salsa, smoothies, salads, & sorbets.

Who knows what might happen after a tango with a mango!

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