Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love that chia!

In my last post you may have noticed Chocolate Chia Pudding, A.K.A. Chocolate Chia Tapioca, which is so yummy I could easily eat a whole bowl - a big bowl - all by myself. I have had my eye on another one of Matthew Kenney's recipes in his new book, Everyday Raw Express, for Banana Chia Pudding. With almost over ripe bananas in my fruit bowl, I just had to make this recipe!

I think I will eat this more like a cereal, rather than a pudding.  Maybe top it with some fruit and nuts, and a little almond milk. It would make a great mid morning snack, or it could be lunch, mid-afternoon snack . . . hmmmm, the possibilities.

Not that I have a multitude of followers on this blog, but I wonder if any of you remember my previous posts on chia?? It occurred to me that I have had an affection for chia seeds for a while now! I can credit them as part of the demeanor of Cheerios in our house. My Goodbye Cheerios recipe helped my husband eliminate Cheerios from his morning routine, and was merely a stepping stone to Green Smoothies, which he has every morning now.  Here's a link to that post. And then there was the post: The Chia is in the Pudding.

Even if you aren't on the same page as I am when it comes to the way I eat, you should really try chia seeds.  The benefits are a mile long.

OK, so what are you waiting for? 
Go buy some chia seeds . . . today!
Your body is waiting!

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