Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things do happen in threes!

I have been researching exercise options.  I know myself pretty well after all these years. I am a fair weather walker, I don't do club memberships, and home equipment ultimately collects clothes instead of bodies! So, without a huge investment, and for lots of reasons, I decided on a Rebounder.  They are gaining popularity in many parts of the country and Europe. It came on Friday.

I set it up to check it out Friday night and watched the video that came with it. I was all set to jump all over it come Saturday morning!

1:00 am Saturday morning I got up to go the bathroom and walked right into it in the dark! I knew I should have moved it upstairs! I broke my toe. So I won't be jumping for a while.

Could this be a sign?

Maybe I am not meant to exercise?????

OK, so that's one.

Out with the old ...
in with the new!
Thursday we had a new dishwasher and refrigerator delivered. Very exciting, especially when it is a great deal.  The old refrigerator was on it's way to a new home before the new one was even installed. Yes, we were ready!

A few snags: they forgot the mounting brackets for the dishwasher, the water line was damaged to the refrigerator, they could not get the refrigerator to begin cooling, (ultimately they did) and the pantry draw control didn't work.

Hmmmmm . . . an omen?  On Friday my husband went back to the store after we decided we didn't want to keep this "lemon" (even though the fix was promised) and ordered a new one - an upgrade model, but at the same price. The repair man came out and mounted the dishwasher, fixed the water line to the refrigerator, so we would at least have water and ice until Tuesday when the new one would be delivered.

The new dishwasher is amazing - so quiet we had to open it to make sure it was working.  We love it.

Now comes number two of the three: On Saturday morning with toe and foot throbbing I went to the new refrigerator - that the repairman had fixed the night before - for ice. No ice. No water.  The door unit was not functioning at all. But there were plenty of cold frozen items to put on my foot because everything, yes, everything, was frozen! Not just in the freezer, but the refrigerator too! Lettuce, spinach, red peppers, fruit, coconut juice, leftovers . . . everything! Needless to say I was not a happy camper!

As I write this on Sunday, everything is still frozen! But after a visit back to the appliance store yesterday to discuss this issue, I feel much better. A double upgrade to what we purchased, at the scratch and dent price, and it will be delivered on Monday instead of Tuesday. They were great. The new refrigerator will be great too!

Number three on Saturday was very upsetting and disturbing for me. Fr. Jack, my pastor and boss, called to say we had been vandalized on Friday night. He forwarded pictures of the graffiti that had been sprayed all over the brick of our church. It was just sickening. I will never understand the minds of those who can do such a thing. The guys at TRC were able to erase it all, and our security will now patrol even more to keep an eye out for the hoodlums.

Saturday was a bit overwhelming, but all's well that ends well, and it did.

Will I exercise? You bet I will.  I can't wait to bounce away on my rebounder.

Will my food defrost? Definitely. And I know I will love my new refrigerator!

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