Sunday, August 21, 2011

A lovely weekend!

What a great weekend this was.

Friday night we had dinner at Cafe Samana with Brian and Megan. I think Megan and I will be great foodie friends! Then Megan and I headed to Whole Foods for a raw food class with Denise of Raw Intentions. Great tasting do-able recipes and always a new tidbit to learn.

Saturday morning we headed to the Farmer's Market and to Natural Farms to pick up our co-op share.  I love pictures of fruit and vegetables. The colors are amazing. This is a picture of my "pharmacy!"

I picked up Mom and we headed out for a delightful afternoon. We went to lunch at Dilly Deli and Mom loved the activity of the area, checked out the Gadget Company, a stop at Mecca Coffee for gadgets, and then Stitches for buttons and a new pattern.

Then . . . yes! time to play in the kitchen!

I love my new Matthew Kenney book, Everyday Raw Express, and picked his Zucchini and Avocado Tartar to be my first creation.

This is a nice combination of ingredients and makes a nice presentation when put in a tube so it is plated like a round column. And it tastes great. Thanks MK for another great recipe!

This basil is just beautiful and makes my kitchen smell great. Pretty as a picture!

Next, Watermelon Mango Soup.  This is one of my weekend favorites.

Great summer raw soup. Anything with watermelon in it is good to me! I just love watermelon any way I can get it! So this soup is already on my favorite list. Thanks Denise!

A red cabbage in the refrigerator was jumping out of it's skin just asking to become a slaw.  So how could I not??

Simple easy slaw with red cabbage, carrots, and red peppers. Slaw goes with anything!! Which brings me to the next picture, my dinner!

What a great meal to end a great day!!!

Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without at least one dessert. But two. . . whewhooo! Both are courtesy of  Raw Intention classes at Whole Foods.

First up, Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. OMG . . . need I say more?

This is my second time to make this.  Last time I just left the whole batch in a bowl in the freezer.  It was so rock hard that I actually broke a knife trying to dish it out! So this time after making it in the ice cream maker, I put the remaining ice cream in a muffin pan, froze it, then removed the individual servings onto a plate to store in the freezer. This is very rich and a small serving is more than enough. I loved it with a fresh strawberry. This is a dessert worthy for company.

And lastly, I made a Chocolate Chia Pudding. It is like a chocolate tapioca. Chia gels when added to liquid and has a wonderful consistency. Chia seeds are amazing. They are a nutritional powerhouse with a lengthy list of benefits: Omega 3, fiber, antioxidant and rich in essential fatty acids. Click this link for the real scoop on chia seeds.  I love them. I put them in smoothies, make a "cereal" out of them, crackers, and now chocolate pudding!

Man I love raw food . . .

And, RAWking in the kitchen!

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  1. I think it should read "RAWqueen in the kitchen
    !" Get it?
    I'd love to have some of your pics of my favorite foods to use on my website and promotional material if you wouldn't mind sharing. I'm getting ready to do some updates.

    Your weekend food looked amazing. I'm ordering MK's book tonight. Quite inspired by your creations.
    Thanks for sharing!


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