Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Sweet Start

My husband and I have different tastes when it comes to smoothies, juices and the raw food world!  So today's smoothie was made especially for him. A sweet start to the day with my sweetie! For me it was like starting the day with dessert!

So for those of you out there with a sweet tooth, give this one a try!

Sweet Saturday Start

2 cups nut milk
2 bananas (frozen chunks if possible)
1 Tbl. cacao
1 Tbl. carob
1-2 Tbl almond butter
1 Tbl. maca
1 Tbl. spirulina
2 tsp. vanilla
3-4 cups spinach
crushed ice

I put it all in my Blendtec, selected beverage, then the XL Smoothie setting, and the blender does it all!

This is a powerhouse of nutrition along with a sweet taste that will energize us all morning. Which is a really good thing because now it is time to get to work in the yard!

I hope your Saturday is as sweet as mine!

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