Monday, September 5, 2011


I spent lots of hours in the kitchen this weekend.  I LOVED it! It is a very therapeutic thing for me to do. I continue to be amazed at how good I feel from eating so much raw food, as well as how good it tastes. I never turn down the opportunity to try a new recipe when I have time.

One of the new recipes I recently made is currently my husband's favorite: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.  We do love to please our men, so of course I make it for him, and just to be a good sport, I "have" to eat it too.

This truly is an amazing dessert.  The ice cream is sitting on top of a brownie, and the raspberries add a nice contrast of flavor and make it even prettier with the splash of color. The brownies are so easy to make and they are stored in the freezer with the ice cream. And yes, the brownies and ice cream are both raw. No sugar, no dairy, nothing processed. All whole plant based foods!

We had this for dessert last night, and then again tonight. 

Yikes, we could have this every night!

It is just so good, it must be sinful!!!!

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