Friday, September 9, 2011

A Date Anyone?

I love dates.
I really love dates.
Lots of dates, lots of ways, and often.

Oh, you are thinking, "and she is a married woman." Well, yes, and I love dates with my husband. But I am talking about the kind of dates that I eat.

As a child, I remember holidays with dates stuffed with walnuts then rolled in powdered sugar, and my Aunt Leona's date bars. Now living a pretty raw food life, dates are a routine in my diet.  From grabbing one for a snack, to using them as a sweetener in recipes, and to making wonderful desserts with them. They are the fix for a sweet tooth.

Tonight I went to a raw food class at Whole Foods taught by Denise of Raw Intentions. And there they were, naked plump dates.  And then she dressed them!

If only you could taste these little beauties. Oh my gosh!

First she took the seeds out and then filled each date with nut butter.

Then each filled date was dipped in chocolate Ganache and rolled in coconut.


I will be making these little delights, often!

We also had a strawberry sorbet, and cacao ganache bites.

My mouth was so happy. 

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