Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time off goes by sooooooo fast!

I can't believe it is time to go back to work tomorrow!  

Where does the time go?  

Thanksgiving was great. A quiet adult event.  A bit of a change for us.  My son was not too thrilled with my Butternut Sage soup or the salad, but he sure made up for it when it came to the turkey and stuffing! (which I refrained from this year.)  My guests were each asked to pick two items they wanted to see on the table.  That way I knew everyone would be happy, because if it was up to me the table would have been quite different!

I had two favorites: the salad and the cranberry relish.  The salad had lots of great tastes, from fruit to nuts to Gorgonzola crumbles (a vegetarian raw milk cheese) to a raspberry vinegar dressing. It was Yummmmy!

Today we celebrated my son's birthday.  For the gang I made a big batch of turkey soup, with the left overs from Thanksgiving, a Waldorf salad, veggie tray with a cucumber dip, and of course a cake to top off the day. (the cake was purchased!)

Funny thing though, my food choices were quite different from everyone else, and it was so easy. No cake, no bread, no turkey soup, and I seriously didn't even want it!! Maybe that is why I lost another pound over the holiday!! My grandson, Riley, kept me more active than normal today, so I may have even lost another pound that I don't know about yet!!

It was a really nice day.
It was a really nice break.
Tomorrow though, it is back to reality!!

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