Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smoothies vs. Juicing

Or maybe it was Breville vrs VRT-350!!

I had a delightful night that began at Cafe Samana with some of my favorite friends and my daughter-in-law. Great conversation and food.

Then we all headed over to Whole Foods for Kat and Faith's Raw Food 101: Smoothies and Juicing class. It was a full house - standing room only! I am so encouraged by the number of people who are becoming interested in improving their health through plant based food, smoothies, juicing and eating raw food.

The first smoothie made was a simple one - perfect for beginners and kids - and consisted of two bananas, half a bag of frozen blueberries, 2 good handfuls of spinach and water.  How much easier can it be!! Fast, tasty, and soooooooooo good for you.  My daughter-in-law commented, "That is way faster than cooking bacon and eggs!" Amen to that!

Kat made a Savory Green Smoothie - which was really more like a soup because we ate it with a spoon.  It had tons of things in it - greens, spices! It was my favorite of the night. It was garnished with avocado, scallions and kalamanta olives. Yummm.

From smoothies to soup to juice! I was especially interested in the juicing since smoothies are as part of my day as brushing my teeth!  Two juices were made from two different juicers and I loved them both! Faith's juice was a bit more pulpy than Kat's, and had beets in them, which I love, and Kat's juice had no pulp, a very smooth consistency, and was very green.  They each LOVE their own juicers.

Look at them just hugging their juicers!! Kat loves her Breville while Faith  loves her VRT-350!
It was quite comical and entertaining watching them pledge allegiance to their juicers. One man commented that their juicers mimicked their personalities. May be some truth to that??? Regardless, they both believe in the value of juice in our diets and agree, the best juicer is the one you use!

Here's Faith with all the beautiful vegetable making her juice.
What you can see is the extracted pulp, and I wish you could see the beautiful color of the juice.
Here's Kat. That celery was juiced in seconds!! Look how happy she is!
Green juice is born.  She looks like a proud Mama!
It was a very informative fun night.  Here's what I know: I love these juices and want to make them part of my daily routine, but the dilemma of what machine to buy, continues!!!!


  1. The VRT is smaller and quieter and higher yield with no splashing!

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