Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"You've got mail"

I love it when my husband tells me that! He only tells me when something good - like a package - comes for me. Envelopes aren't usually too exciting.

I love when a package arrives in the mail.  It's like this big surprise, even though I was the one who ordered it!

Lately it's all about gadgets. Do I love gadgets? You know it! Here's what just came to add to my collection:

The Tribest Personal Blender is so cool.  I can connect it to one of my mason jars, blend right in it, then store in it.  It will be my future travel green smoothie maker.  I primarily bought it to do seeds, nuts and so on.  The little blender does the little jobs that my big blender won't.

The EasySprout was a compulsive purchase.  Wonder how that happened? I don't know if it is that much better than using my mason jar, but it does work well.  I just sprouted lentils and they came out great.  The only difference was I didn't have to rinse the lentils in the EasySprout during the sprouting process like I did in the mason jar.  Same result though. I love sprouts.

And those little tart pans. Oh, do I have visions of a great dessert filling those little cute pans. The pans actually were the orginal reason for my trip to Amazon. I am glad they came with a blender and spouter!

While it isn't a gadget, I was so happy to get my t-shirt in the mail today.  I ordered it in mid-January! I bet you haven't seen too many of these around! 

love it!!

It just says it all!!!

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