Monday, January 16, 2012

Living the Dream

My good friend, Denise, of Raw Intentions is opening a restaurant. It is, and has been, so fun to not only witness all this excitement, but also be a part of it. I have so much admiration and respect for Denise. Her faith, determination, and passion are remarkable. With the opening of her restaurant, she is living her dream.

Saturday night she hosted her monthly Dinner and Movie, but this time it was in her own space, the Raw Intentions Kitchen, located in Broken Arrow. Every time I walk into "the kitchen," as we have come to fondly call the restaurant, I am always pleasantly surprised by new changes. I am looking forward to the Grand Opening and to her success.

The dinner was Italian. It was fabulous. And did I mention, raw? I don't have enough words to describe this nutrient packed meal, the flavors and textures, or the deliciousness, so I will show it to you in pictures.

Rosemary Bread and Garlic Bread

Best raw bread I have ever eaten

Three layer raw cheese "ball" with pesto

Great presentation 

Simple salad with balsamic dressing

Rawmesan "cheese"

Zucchini Pasta, Marinara Sauce, Meatballs, Marinated Mushrooms and Onion Bread

And here is Denise with dessert

From the bottom crust, to the cream filling, to the mint leaf, 
it was a perfect finish to a wonderful evening.

The Movie we watched was a documentary called Simply Raw. It is about reversing diabetes in thirty days. It follows the progress of ordinary people, who accomplish the extraordinary, by changing their diets, and curing their diabetes. I am always amazed at what the right food can do for our bodies, yet how poorly we are educated when it comes to these matters. Type II Diabetes has been referred to as a "food born illness." It is predicted that one in three born in the year 2000 will have diabetes.  If you, or someone you know has diabetes, this is a must see film. Do it for yourself, or for someone you love.

To watch Simply Raw, click here.

If you are local to the Tulsa area, or come to visit, make it a point to visit the Raw Intentions Kitchen. It is located on the south west corner of Aspen and 81st Street in Broken Arrow.  I think you will be both impressed and surprised at what raw food is all about. In Tulsa, Petty's Fine Foods in Utica Square, also carries raw food from Raw Intentions.

I wish you the desire to seek out the knowledge 
that will allow you to reach your optimum health.

It is that person in the mirror who is totally in charge of you.

What is your dream? And are you living it?

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  1. Great post Kathy! I did not realize Raw Intentions Kitchens was in Broken Artow...just down the street from us! I am going to check it out!


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