Monday, January 2, 2012

Soup's on!

Next to raw food, soups and stews are my favorite.

Today on Facebook, Oh She Glows, posted her her Top 10 Soup Recipes for 2011. I spent an hour just reading her blog on each of the ten recipes. I just love her website and her blog. She posts amazing recipes in the most amusing way.

I made a shopping list from the recipes and made my way to Whole Foods. When I got home I couldn't decide which soup to made, so I made two!

This is Carrot Apple Ginger Soup. The flavor and texture is so smooth. I love the touch of ginger in this recipe. I reserved about a third of the apples, carrots and onions and then added them in to the blended portion. We will have this for dinner tomorrow night with a great big salad. I can't wait!

Oh, and I almost forgot, it is wonderful with grated nutmeg sprinkled on it. Look at all the character in this nutmeg.

While the Carrot Apple Ginger Soup was cooking, I started another soup: Holiday Soup for the Soul. I just couldn't help myself. I was in the mood to make lots of soups, but I did stop at two!

We had this soup for dinner and, oh my gosh, we almost had thirds!! This one will be a definite repeat performer in our house!

Can you see all that flavor floating in the bowl? I wish you could taste it and feel the steam on your face! I love all those little quinoa tails floating around.

My husband had his soup on top of some left over quinoa spaghetti and topped it with a few chopped walnuts. He like it. Actually, he REALLY liked it!

I might have to consider a double batch next time!

Of course I must give my juice report! This is day four with my new juicer. I love having new toys. I want to play with it all the time! Tonight I went simple: pineapple, a cara cara orange and a green apple.

Poured over ice it made a most refreshing drink.

So here's to soup, to juice, to Oh She Glows, to health, to 2012, and to you!

Bottoms up!!!

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  1. Wow the soups look great, you outdid yourself! I'm enjoying the holiday soup this week too. :) I had some frozen so it was effortless.


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