Monday, March 5, 2012

Wrapping Romaine . . .

. . . around veggies is one of my favorite things to do with a nice leaf of romaine lettuce.  I think I even like it that way better than in a salad. It makes raw food fast food.

Now just look at my lunch. Yes, it is just all over the place in the picture, but the point is, it was quick, delicious and nutritious!

As you can see I have a little baggie of carrots and red peppers, and there is also a cucumber hiding on the far right, and of course the romaine lettuce. The little containers are filled with two kinds of deliciousness, eggless egg salad (now how crazy is that!) and red pepper cheese. I put all of this in a big plastic bag and put it together on my plate. Can't get a lunch at work much fresher than that!!

Lay the lettuce leaf out, spread it with the eggless egg salad, layer red peppers, cucumber strips and fold it up, and there you have it, a great wrap! It's easy to change up what is in the wrap too. The carrots made for great dipping in the red pepper cheese (which by the way I could actually just eat with a spoon - I like it that much!!). It really was a very satisfying lunch.

Did you catch what I said, "eggless egg salad?"  Are you the least bit curious as to what that is all about? This stuff tastes just like egg salad but has absolutely no eggs, and no dairy of any kind, in it. It is also great on crackers, with veggies, or on your finger (well, I don't know how your finger tastes, but it is great on my finger!).

All you have to do is combine all this stuff.

First chop up the celery, red pepper and green onions, and put it in a bowl with the Bubbies.

Then blend, really blend, the rest of the stuff together

 until it is really smooth, and yellow. Then add it to the bowl

and mix it all together really well, and there you have it: eggless egg salad!

And just as a side note, absolutely none of this went to waste thanks to my handy rubber tongue!

I have used lots of spreads in a romaine wrap: hummus, guacamole, ranch dip. And filled them with everything from veggies to beans and even a quinoa combination. Think of it as the bread to your sandwich! Give it a try!

Well, as they say in show business, "That's a wrap!"

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