Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hungry for Change

There is a new documentary coming out called Hungry For Change. You can watch it for free from March 21st to March 31st. It has some incredible people in it, and after watching the trailer I am really anxious to see it.  I really do think people are hungry for change. The problem is they don't know where or how to begin to make those important changes, especially when it comes to food and health. It is a pretty confusing and conflicting place out there!
I personally think the first step is awareness and education. Only you can be responsible for you. It is that person you see in the mirror each day that is in charge of you! So take some time and educate yourself. Watch documentaries like this one, and make a change, or if you disagree with what this documentary stands for, research it some more. Make an educated decision on how you want your life to be. To watch the trailer, Hungry for Change, and to sign up for the free viewing of the full version please, really please, click here!

I still find it amazing what food has done to change my life. One year, seven months and thirteen days ago I was hungry for a change. I did some research, did my homework so to speak, and changed. Out with the processed food, meat and dairy, refined sugars and in with whole plant based food: vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds. Out with drugs. The produce department became my pharmacy. By simply changing the way I eat, I have lost weight, I have regained my life and health, sleep through the night, feel good, and I have had the pleasure of discovering energy that I thought was forever lost. Life really is so good!

Friday night I went to another class at Whole Foods, my most favorite store ever! Raw Intentions had a full house and made two great dishes: Italian Salsa and Coconut Walnut Pudding. It is gatherings like this that I learn so much. There are folks that come that have amazing personal stories to share about their health, to the newbies who want to soak up all they can learn because they are hungry for change. I love the networking that results, and some of these people have become very close friends. Take a look at what she made at this class.
Now take a look at something I made today. 

Some pineapple, carrots, a beet, some cucumber and a piece of ginger . . .

and what do you get?

Amazing juice!

This is a recipe from Kristina, a New Yorker, whom I met as she was traveling across the country researching the lives  of those who have graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Kat Conrad, a graduate of the institute and my friend, lives here in Tulsa and is a classmate of Kristina's, thus Kristina's visit. Kristina, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, is one of my Facebook friends, and often posts her juices. I love her juice recipes. I am always hungry for juice!

So what are you hungry for? 
Are you hungry for change?
I do hope you find a way to satisfy your appetite!

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