Monday, October 25, 2010

No Excuse 5:00 A.M. Green Smoothie

I so believe in these Green Smoothies,
 that I took a hunk of time and put everything together,
so it would be easy, easy, easy for my husband to make one at 5:00 a.m.

Here is his pile of ingredients:

He chose strawberries and bananas for his fruit. 
 Those bags are kept in the freezer.

I add a few supplements to our smoothies.
 Each little snack size bag has all of them combined. 
 There is spirulina, maca, flaxseed and cacao.
These bags are stored in the refrigerator.

And then comes the bags of greens.  
Each bag has a sprig or two of parsley, a few chunks of celery, 
and a good two cups plus of either spinach or kale.
Those too are in the refrigerator.

Everything is ready to just dump into the blender.

First the fruit, then the powders, followed by greens, 
a squirt of agave (sweetener) and 
about a third to a half can of coconut juice. 
 Blend, blend, blend. 
 If it is too thick add more juice or water.

Today was day one.  
And he made his smoothie at 5:00 a.m.
He had it with his Goodbye Cheerios Cereal.
It was a beautiful sight! 
I am so happy!!

(Because he is going to have way more energy, and be so healthy, so I can love him even longer!!!)

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