Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating healthy costs less than a diet of prescriptions

Eating healthy costs less than a diet of prescriptions. Of course, I would guess that most of you already know this.  For me, and I should mention that since making a radical diet change almost 6 months ago, I take no medication which has saved me lots of money.  I buy no meat, and I spend what was drug and meat money on lots of great fruits and vegetables.  My life had changed in many ways.
Today in our local newspaper, the Tulsa World, there is a great article, And good for you, that some of you might want to read and even share with friends or family. The opening line to the article is, "Think eating healthy is an expensive habit?"
The picture below was taken at Whole Foods in Tulsa, my favorite place to shop, and it is of one of my favorite spots in the whole store!!

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