Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jicama Anyone?

Jicama.  (Hic-a-ma) Funny word. I love saying it!

Until recently I never even heard of it. At Whole Foods, where I went to buy it, I didn't even say it right when I asked the clerk where to find it.  I didn't even know what it looked like!

So here it is:

For more information and nutritional value, click here.

I used it to make a recipe from Matthew Kenney's book Everyday Raw, that I bought at his restaurant in Oklahoma City, 105degrees. I'm not sure why I picked this recipe?? Probably because I had never had jicama and I was curious what it tasted like??? The jicama has a flavor somewhat like turnip and rutabaga.  It is also referred to as the Mexican Potato.  The recipe is called potato salad.   It is all raw and I really liked it.

Another great use is for a jicama and apple slaw.  This is one of my new favorites. In a food processor, shred/grate a jicama and an apple, add a little honey and some fresh chopped mint, mix well, and refrigerate a few hours.  This is a great side dish.

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