Sunday, January 23, 2011

Water filter vs. husband!

I have to say, my husband is one of my best supporters.  When I jump into something it is never half way. So, as I trek along this journey of renewed health, he comes right along for the ride!

While his way of eating still differs somewhat to mine, he has made remarkable changes that I believe has given him renewed energy and health.  He also has lost many pounds, takes no medication, has become vegetarian, has cut out processed food and refined sugars, and never misses his daily green smoothie. I am very proud of that. Not only do I believe my job in this marriage is to help him to get to heaven, but to keep him healthy on the way!

I have been researching water filters for our home.  He too has researched right along with me. We each agree filtering our drinking and bathing water is important, maybe even imperative, after much of what we have read.  We want the good parts of the water to remain, but we certainly can do without the pesticides, chlorine, lead and numerous other undesirables in our water. We decided to do the filters in stages: 1st the refrigerator, 2nd the shower, and the last one an under the kitchen sink system.

This weekend was stage one. The refrigerator.

The problem though, is that our refrigerator just, I mean just, fits in it's alloted space.  To mount the filter behind it would mean the refrigerator would have to stay pulled out an extra 2 inches or so, which was not doable. Plus with wood floors we did not want to have to pull the refrigerator out every six months to change the filter.

But I wanted a filter!! (our refrigerator did not come with one) And my husband is very good about getting me what I want!

The solution.  Oh he is so smart and clever, and, yes, he always figures out how to make something work! He ran the water line up into the cabinet above our refrigerator, mounted the filter in the cabinet and viola! we now have a filter on our water line to the refrigerator!!!

The results. I got what I wanted. My husband mastered the challenge. The filtered water is healthy and we can really tell a difference between it and our tap!

I just love this man!

Look how nice the filter hides in the cabinet! In six months when it is time to change the filter there will be no need to pull out the refrigerator. See what a great job he did! He is just amazing!!!

As a side note: we have narrowed our search to the Aquasana brand of filters. This is a good publication if you are interested in a piece of our research!

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