Sunday, February 26, 2012

All in a day!

This was the first time to make this amazing dish. My sister-in-law, Pauline, sent me a link to the recipe. It comes from The Bojon Gourmet website (bojon is no job backwards - thus the site) and although it took quite a bit of time to make it, it was definitely worth it! It is Quinoa, Kale and Sweet Potato Salad. The nice part is it made quite a bit so we can have it several times. 

These simple ingredients, all put together, sure turned out pretty in that dish at the top of this post. 

That was just the beginning of creating today. Well, of course the first creation was a smoothie. What else is new, right! Today I made one a bit out of character for us. It had a banana, apple, lots of spinach, parsley, almond milk, coconut water, cacao, carob, flax and spirulina. Green chocolate! But it works!

In an effort to be more organized this week, I also made one of our new favorite soups: Red Lentil and Curry Squash Stew. It is from Oh She Glows. I may have even posted this soup in a previous blog??? It's a great make ahead for lunches - or even dinner. I have added a few of my own touches to this recipe and it is rapidly becoming one of my husband's favorites. It doesn't take too many ingredients . . .

to make this fantastic stew!!

After all this work in the kitchen, there was no more procrastinating, it was time to have a reunion with my sewing machine. In an effort to do some updating around the house, I have been fabric shopping. The two big projects: a new roman shade for the living room and a fabric headboard for our bedroom. I dread the roman shade. I swore I wouldn't make another one, but here we go again (thanks Paula for your suggestion - I think!!) . I know I will be really glad when it's done, but it is just a big job. The headboard, I can't wait to do that, but I have not found the perfect fabric yet. So today, to see if I could still sew, I made a table runner and two place-mats.

The sewing machine and I actually got along great!  I do enjoy sewing, but knitting seems to have overtaken that hobby. Speaking of knitting, I managed to knit a few more rows on my pink project.

To round out the day, we went to Raw Intentions Kitchen, to do some brainstorming with a bunch of the Raw Intentions groupies. It is pretty exciting being a part of this endeavor! My primary job is the photography. Denise calls me the Rawtograher! But . . . I got so wrapped up in the conversation, that I completely forgot to take pictures tonight!! At least someone thought to take one.

Thanks Kaytee for a great shot of the sushi. It was great, wasn't it?

So today was quite a fiber day . . . from food, to fabric to yarn!

Yes, all in a day!!

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