Friday, February 17, 2012

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't . . .

I came home from work really dragging. I am not sure where my energy is going, but the last few days I have really had that afternoon slump.

The cure . . . juice!


Apple, broccoli stems, parsley, lemon, cucumber and celery, 
all run through the juicer,
and out comes green energizing juice.

This is what really works. 
Instant energy.
A wonderful green happy hour.

Now, for what doesn't work . . .

This is an avocado sauce:
garlic, lemon juice and avocado made in the food processor. 

This is spelt spaghetti. 
Put the two together, 
add some fresh ground pepper and grated lemon,
and this is what you get...

This is a recipe from Oh She Glows, and I have to admit it is the first one of her recipes that I didn't like. It wasn't awful. We did eat it. However, I won't be making it again.

So, sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't. 

15 minute Creamy Avocado Pasta, sorry Angela, it doesn't.

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