Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I wish you 42 Valentine's Days . . .

. . . or even more.

Life is really nice when you have spent 42 Valentine's Days with the same person. It is truly a blessing and a gift. And love definitely has something to do with it!

I spent Sunday in the kitchen preparing for Valentine's Day making chocolates for my sweetie while he was not home. It was really a labor of love, and I so enjoyed doing it. The trick was to hide it all! Thank you kale for your great camouflage! I made chocolate covered strawberries, little cranberry-orange and chocolate candy flowers, almond butter filled chocolate hearts, and chocolate mint squares.

Today, Valentine's Day, I put a cute little valentine bag in his lunch box with a couple of his favorite carob almond honey macaroons, a chocolate covered strawberry and a flower candy, and a cute card.

The day seemed longer than usual today and I was really glad to get home.

First there was (welcome home kisses) hummus and veggies and a really nice bottle of wine.

Then we opened our cards. We always each get a funny card and a really nice one for each other. They were especially nice this year.

Next we open the presents. It really is interesting how love evolves over the years. In the beginning years of Valentine Days the gifts were very different: the flowers, the candy, the lingerie, the dinners at special restaurants. Now, our favorite restaurant is our own kitchen. And the gifts, well, they are the result of years of being together. 

For him: chocolate. It is a gift of time and love from me, and it says, "thank you for choosing to eat healthy (because this is raw chocolate), and for taking care of yourself so we can share many years together not being sick, but instead enjoying life.

And for me: OK, you might laugh at this, but OMG, I love this gift. Cuddle Duds, thermals, and the perfect pajamas! I just hate to be cold. And how perfect is it that he knows how to keep me warm! Well, that is not the only way he keeps me warm, but we won't go into that! I love this present!!

And I admit it, I got myself a Valentine present too! Last year he got me Kris Carr's book, Crazy Sexy Diet, so when her new book was released today, I had to have it! So I got it!

And now time for dinner. Now this is where we have really evolved. Two years ago we had beef tenderloin, baked potato and who knows what else. And for a side we probably had a tum or two, and were miserable when we got up from the table, but thought we were blissfully satisfied with such a meal. But last year, just one year ago, things were very different. My meal was vegan, and his vegetarian. We each were pounds lighter and feeling much better than the previous year. No more medications for me. Oh such improvements in the quality of our life!

And this year: vegan. Our first vegan Valentine's Day together. Dinner was fabulous. A huge salad filled with so many veggies and a great home made dressing and bean burgers with salsa. 

I had planned mint chocolate ice cream for dessert but we were so full we decided to save that for tomorrow night. So our dessert was simply chocolate covered strawberries.

We talked, listened, laughed, shared a meal and a few kisses, and it was a celebration of the time we spend with each other. It is nice to have a day that we share how much we love and appreciate each other. But the reality is, minus the presents, the special bottle of wine and the cards, we do this almost every night. Oh, I so love this man and the life I share with him!

Maybe this is why we have had 42 Valentine Day celebrations together.

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