Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our 41st Valentine Day

Life and love have been so good to us. As my mother always reminds me, I am so lucky. I agree with her!

Tonight really wasn't all that much different than most of our nights, except for fresh flowers, presents and dessert! Every night we sit at our kitchen island, with the TV off, and we share a meal and share our day. The good, the bad, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. We talk and we listen.  I often take that for granted, but it really is very special and probably one of the best parts of my day. Is it luck, as my mother says, or exactly what God intended?

We opened a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and even used the good glasses! Hummus and veggies, and presents happened first.

Now look at this present. Is this not a man who knows me!!

So dinner was different for each of us.  I spent yesterday afternoon making one of his favorites, Moroccan Stew with Quinoa. Oh how far he has come. Last year we had tenderloin!  Last year we were not healthy. This year he eats vegetarian - almost vegan - and I eat vegan - mostly raw. So I was really happy to spend the afternoon making a meal he really likes - because it makes him happy, and makes me happy that he is accepting such healthy choices. I made my favorite too. Zucchini pasta on a bed of spinach, covered with marinara and portobello mushrooms. 

A stop at Cafe Samana put the bean slaw on the plate.  It is one of my husband's favorites so I had to get some today for this dinner. Sprouted mung beans, shredded carrots and slivered almonds - I could do that - but they make a great peanut dressing that I can't come close to duplicating! He loves this stuff!

We don't often do dessert. But how could we not have dessert on Valentine's Day?? And how could we not do chocolate. After all, we are human!!!

Strawberry brownie parfait. It was awesome. It was very very awesome!!!

He thought it was awesome.

I think he is awesome!

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  1. Awesome indeed. Thanks for sharing. If you don't mind, tell me more about your dessert. What brands/ingredients were used? Cheers!


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