Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost Cheesecake

Today we broke another record here in Oklahoma - an actual temperature of minus 6 with a wind chill of minus 20!!

We can, however, get out the front door should the mood hit!
Today I was all set to make the cheesecake when I realized I needed to soak the cashews for four hours. So the delay means we don't get to try it until tomorrow. It is in the freezer now. This is Kat Conrad's recipe and I just hope mine comes out as great as her's did!

Everything is all measured out and I am ready to go.
Blend - Blend - Blend

Spring pan ready with the crust waiting for the mixture to be added

Here it is - ready for the freezor.  Tomorrow it will be covered with blueberries!
Remember my blog about the mung beans?  Well, they actually sprouted! I put a bunch of them in my salad tonight!  I can't wait to spout again!

More on the cheesecake tomorrow!

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