Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here we SNOW again!

We have about six inches of snow at this point and it is still expected to snow a few more hours.  Just crazy!! So we are home today. It certainly isn't the blizzard of last week, but with the temperature at 11 degrees, the wind chill at minus 5, it is not a day to be driving around and getting stuck! Today should break the record amount of snow for one season.

I think the birds have probably had enough too.
These robins must be having a debate over who made the decision to come to this place!

They are all just plumped up, sitting in the trees waiting out the storm!

So we sat in the kitchen watching it snow out the window and drank this:
So we will have plenty of energy to shovel that:

As my mother always says, "it's only temporary!!!"

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