Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water Bobbles

Part of my quest for better health has included research on water.  While I am not an expert, nor do I pretend to know everything about it, I have begun to make changes. We have added a filter to the water line to the refrigerator, put filters on our showers, and shortly will have installed a water filter to the kitchen sink. After watching TappedI do not purchase bottled water, and I am not sure which is worse, the plastic bottle or in some cases, the water in them.

I have been hauling my own water from home to work everyday, and added to my lunch and all the other things in my bag, it is really heavy.  My shoulder problems are re-surfacing, and I am sure it's because of all this weight I am lugging!

I discovered the water bobbles at the Snow Goose in Utica Square (Tulsa) and left with two of them. I think they have been available for a while, and are not necessarily a new hot item, but I was delighted with this find. His and Her Water Bobbles came home with me!

The package says:
bobble: make water better
bobble is a revolutionary product that takes care of the planet, keeps your body hydrated, your wallet fat, and your taste buds satisfied - all while looking good doing it. bobble will change the way you drink

Tomorrow I will carry my lightweight, empty, water bottle, oops, bobble, to work and still have filtered water. My shoulder will be happy. My water will be free of contaminants. I am doing my little part for the planet. And for me!

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