Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tulsa Raw Food 101

Friday night, February 25th, I went to Raw Food 101 at our local Whole Foods. There was an awesome turnout of 43 people.  Faith Minier and Kat Conrad are the organizers of Raw Food 101 and are doing a series of 6 classes. Last night they discussed and showed us equipment used in the Raw Food world from blenders, to juicers, to spiralizers and more.  And the best part - they made us food!!

All 43 of us were served Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce, topped with Raw Marinated Mushrooms and Cashew Garlic "Raw"mesan. It was fabulous.  Then we even had dessert too! Raw Strawberry Ice Cream. And to top it all off, we all left with the recipes! You too can have these recipes by going to Kat's website and clicking the link to MY RECIPES.

I was so involved with listening and eating I forgot to take pictures!  Luckily, Whole Foods posted an album on their Facebook page.  Click here to see it!

Next Friday, March 4th, they will once again be at Whole Foods at 6:30 p.m. doing a class on Smoothies and Juices. Locals sign up and come!  Please RSVP at Whole Foods Guest Services or call 712-7555. You all know those Green Smoothies are what gave me my leap to renewed health. Come learn how they are made, the benefits, and to taste them. It promises to be a great class.

Speaking of Green Smoothies.
Here is a picture at my house this morning: 
His and Hers!

His: Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, sprig of parsley, 
handfuls of spinach, chia seeds, hemp seeds and spirulina,
coconut juice, filtered water and ice.

Hers: Fresh mango, shredded coconut, fresh grated ginger,
sprig of parsley, handfuls of spinach, chia seeds, hemp seeds 
and spirulina, coconut juice, filtered water and ice.

Personally, I think hers was the best!


  1. Awesome, Kathy!! So glad you enjoyed it - I loved having you there! Thanks for spreading the word!

    Two Blendtec pitchers - you are a pro! ;-) I like the 'hers' better too! Ever tried cilantro in that one? It goes sooo well with mango!

  2. Hmmm . . . I even have some cilantro and never even thought of that! Thanks for the tip, I will definately try that! Thanks Kat.


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