Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plastic looking noodles . . .

             . . . that taste great!

I know you are wondering what the heck I am talking about now!

Kelp noodles.

I have eaten them at Matthew Kenney's in Oklahoma City but I have never made anything with them myself. Actually, I never could find them, and low and behold when we made our trip to OKC recently, Whole Foods had them on their shelf. Between several of us, we bought them all!

This is what the package looks like. Kelp noodles are quite good for you.

And here they are right out of the bag:

They are funny things that look like plastic. Almost feel like plastic too!

So I rinsed them and then cut them up with kitchen shears.

Into the big bowl they went, and shredded cabbage and carrots (I love my food processor), chopped red pepper, and sliced green onions joined them. 

Now it's getting pretty!

Now to dress this beauty up!

So I combined a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a sprinkle of this, and a pinch of that.

And behold, Spicy Asian Salad is born!

And these noodles certainly do not taste like plastic. They just took on the taste of the dressing, and their texture along with the other vegetables add a wonderful crunch to this salad. I do think they will soften after they spend more time in the bowl. I was too hungry to test that theory though!

I used my plate that I bought at the Super Cao Nguyen market. I'm a sucker for blue and white dishes! I added a few slices of fresh pineapple to the side of my pile of Asain Salad, and ate every bit. This made a good size salad and I think it will be even better tomorrow. The recipe, Spicy Asian Salad, is from my friend Denise (thank you so much for sharing), owner of the Raw Intentions Kitchen, located in Broken Arrow. 

This is a definite do-over salad, easy to make, and great to eat.

Try it. You'll like it!

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